Welcome to Quilt Sticks!
What is a Quilt Stick?

Quilt Sticks are handmade rotary cutter templates created in graduated widths. For example, a 2" template yields a 2" strip of fabric every time, all the time.  Simply lay out your fabric, and position the desired width template onto the fabric and cut using a rotary cutter. Quilt Sticks are about 24" long.

Are you a new quilter looking for that perfect quilt tool?  Have you found that new quilting block that just begs to be completed?  Find yourself looking to do a strip quilt in record time?  Or are you a beginner and want to learn to quilt?  Well, look no further, Quilt Sticks are here to help! Quilt Sticks are here to help you every step of the way. Watch our video below to learn more.
3 Reasons to Purchase

No Measuring

Non-Slide Backing


They are cut to the exact width that you need. No more hard to read clear rulers. 
The non-slide backing allows for easy cutting and quicker maneuvering. Position the template onto the fabric and cut, move and cut. Simple!
Templates start at just $9!

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